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Global settings

To access global settings, click Settings from navigation. Here you can change:

General settings

  • Prevent hover effect when title is blank
  • Enable image alt tag
  • Enable lazyload for mobile
  • Use filename (without extension) as image title

Custom effects

Effects that appear in effect list when build gallery

Button styles

Button is used for loadmore, view product, hover layer, back to album... In this tab, you can manage all your button styles.

Add new button

  1. Click Add button and choose a template
  2. Change button properties, effects, responsive...

Text styles

Similar to button, text style can be use for title, description,...

Add new text style

  1. Click Add text style and choose a template
  2. Change text properties, responsive... to fit your need

Use text style

When editing a gallery, click to choose a text style that you created.

Custom SCSS code

Add custom CSS/SCSS code for all galleries in your store.